Personal Protection

Our Personal Protection program will build upon the completion and successful graduation of Both the Basic Obedience and Level 2 Obedience training programs. A successful completion and graduation for both Canine and Handler must be obtained in order to enroll in this program. Handlers (Dog Owner) will learn proper safety measures in order to work with a highly trained dog in a family setting. We encourage for the whole family to be involved in our training sessions.

Class Fundamentals

  • Reinforce: Stay, Place, Extended Sit, Extended Down, Loose leash walking, Front (come and sit) with, distractions
  • Enforce Play Skills Using Dogs Natural Prey Drive
  • Real life scenarios
  • Long Distance Recall
  • Public Interaction
  • Dog on Dog Distractions
  • Human On Dog Distraction
  • And more!

About the Class

  • Cost: Contact For Pricing
  • Start Date: Anytime
  • Course Duration: 14 Weeks
  • Age: 6 months +
  • Attendance: 1-2 Per Week