Behavior Modification

This is an evaluation and session rolled into one. Behavior Modification is for dogs who need help with specific behavior issues such as fearfulness, aggression, fighting, resource guarding, and more. The first step is to evaluate and profile the dog and the situation, then we get to work. We will customize a program to stop, reduce or change the problem behavior. This also includes detailed customized instructions on how to move forward and the ability to contact me after the session. Additional training may be needed through Private Training & Coaching.

Class Fundamentals

  • This is a class for reactive and aggressive dogs (with no bite history)
  • Humans and dogs will learn in a safe environment, how to reduce your dog’s reactivity and how to distract or redirect them when in the presence of another dog or scary situation. These skills will help the dog be able to function and behave in society around what stresses them.
  • This class will help reduce your dog’s reactivity and allow you to regain focus and control of your dog
  • Positive reinforcement methods will help reduce your dog’s anxiety in these tough situations.

About the Class

  • Cost: Contact For Pricing
  • Start Date: Anytime
  • Course Duration: ~7 Weeks
  • Age: 4 months +
  • Attendance: 1-2 Per Week