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We specialize in behavioral issues, at its core.

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We specialize in behavioral issues, at its core.

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We don’t believe bad dogs exist, just misunderstood dogs with a lack of natural reinforcers to encourage positive behaviors.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Not Enjoying Walking Your Dog?

Lets us help you and your canine enjoy relaxing walks without pulling or tripping you while out on your dog walks.

Our Dog Lessons Features

We tailor customized programs only for you and your dog

When Alpha Buddy Dog Training tailors a customized program for you and your dog, you’ll see amazing and fast results.

  • Dog Obedience Training

    From basic training to severe behavioral problems, Alpha Buddy Dog Training is based on the ideals that there is not puppy or dog that can’t be trained.

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  • Protection Training

    Protection Dog Training by Alpha Buddy Dog Training, aims to establish a standard of performance for all protection trained dogs. This is why we stress the importance of socialization, control, liability, and safety.

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  • Service Dog Training

    Service animal means any dog or other common domestic animal individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.

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  • Dog Behavior Modification

    Systematically changing your dogs reaction to situations, items, or people through behavior modification can make a huge difference when it comes to encouraging calm and focused behavior.

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  • Puppy Potty Training

    House training your puppy will be one of the most crucial things you can do with your new puppy.

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  • Dog Separation Anxiety

    We can help you limit the amount of destruction in your home that your dog is able to cause while you are away. A useful method for many pet owners is crate training, which Alpha Buddy Dog Training can help you achieve.

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Alpha Buddy Dog Training Testimonials

What our clients are saying

After seeing my friend’s dog completely transform from a rambunctious hyper dog after a few session with his new trainer I asked him for the name of his dog trainer. Laz came over and helped with our 3 pit bulls and some dominance issue they were exhibiting after the first lesson we saw improvement in the way our dogs looked at us for leadership. His techniques are quick and his patience to figure out each dog out is like no other we would highly recommend Laz and alpha buddy dog training. The Gonzalez’s

Alex Client

After my daughter gave me a puppy to keep me company he destroyed my furniture and I could not get him to go on the pee pee pads. My daughter reached out to Alpha Buddy Dog training and we were able to teach my pup potty training and how to play structurally with him to discourage destructive biting around the house Laz is awesome with dogs he even helped with our older dog constant barking.

Martha Client

Lazaro trained my three dogs as psychiatric service dogs. Two have traveled with me inside airplanes, several times. No issues. I'm very happy with the service.

Lourdes Client